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Welcome to the Rinnai Energysaver Installation Audit Program.

This site is relevant only if you live in Victoria and have a Rinnai Energysaver space heater installed with BOTH OF the following two flue system components:

  1. The flue terminal with the 'black' plastic grille (the flue terminal should be located outside), AND:
  2. a flue pipe condensate trap kit 


In Victorian installations of Energysaver space heaters, including the specific listed flue system components  and  where these have been incorrectly installed, it is possible for products of combustion, including Carbon Monoxide, to come into the heated space rather than vent to the outside atmosphere through the flue system. This could present a risk to occupants, more so if room vents are sealed. Although we are aware of only one affected incorrect installation and the risk is extremely low, we are undertaking this audit program as a precautionary measure. For Rinnai Energysaver space heaters installed with the listed flue system components, Rinnai will make arrangements for an in-home installation audit and take any necessary measures to ensure the installation is corrected to be fully compliant, at no charge to our customers.