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Only Victorian installations of Energysaver heaters are affected.

Distinguishing features of Energysaver heaters are as follows (see the image below):
  1. They have the brand name “Rinnai”.
  2. They are fixed in position, that is, they are installed against a wall or face of a fireplace. They are not portable.
  3. They have a warm air discharge grille near the bottom.
  4. They have a control panel on the top face of the heater.
  5. The name “Energysaver” and the model code are shown on the control panel. The model code contains one of the following model numbers:
    308, 309, 431, 556, 557, 559, 561, 1001, 1004, 1005. Note that any letters before or after the model number can be ignored for the purposes of this audit program.
Control Panel Layout
You are affected only if you have a Rinnai Energysaver space heater installed with a vertical section of flue pipe located outside and BOTH OF the following two flue system components (see image below for a typical installation):
  1. The flue terminal with the  'black' plastic grille  (the flue terminal should be located outside), AND:
  2. a flue pipe condensate trap kit